Adriana R., Retired

"In my mid 50’s, I have never felt this healthy, or this dedicated to a health routine like CrossFit.  But it’s not just my dedication, it’s what I’ve experienced over that last few years from the coaches at Not The Norm CrossFit that have made me dedicated.  Norm and Michelle, NTN owners and coaches, go beyond simply supportive, they truly care about your well-being.  They want individual success for you and your body.  They create a health plan, workout plan, and food plan that’s geared to your age, your body, and your ability.  They are a no BS gym!  I know.  I’ve been there, done that.  This is a first--where I’ve met goals, kept a goal weight, and grow strong everyday as I continue my fifth decade of life.  And I can proudly say, "I can squat like nobody’s business!"  Thank you, Michelle and’ve given my life back!"

Matthew G., Real Estate Agent

"Norm and Michelle are excellent, and the workouts are designed for you to get the most out of them regardless of your level.  Plenty of individual attention.  Everyone is supportive.  The equipment is current, clean, and it all works.  If you want to be physically fit, Not the Norm is where you need to be."

Eric J., Cyber Security Engineer

"I have been coming to NTN for the past three months.  The daily workouts are becoming an important part of my life now.  The coaches are great - positive, helpful, and encouraging.  I still struggle with many of the movements in the workouts, but the coaches find a way to scale the WODs and I get a sense of accomplishment from completing each workout.  I have gained strength and endurance, as well as confidence.  The other participants are kind, and everyone encourages you and cheers you on until you complete the workout.  The variety within the WODs give people a chance to really improve their strength, fitness, and flexibility.  The facility, including the bathroom and lockers, is clean and organized and there is plenty of equipment for everyone.  Thank you for providing such an awesome place to come and improve ourselves.  Not The Norm CrossFit - you rock!!"

Korby F., Waiter

"Dropped in while visiting Florida. Great environment for everyone of all levels of fitness!  If you’re looking for a place to drop-in, this is the best in the area."

Bobby M., Electrician

"I truly enjoy working out at Not The Norm CrossFit.  The moment I walked in the door I felt I was in good hands.  Michelle and Norm are absolutely amazing CrossFit athletes and even better teachers of all things CrossFit.  If you wanna be in the best shape of your life it’s Not The Norm CrossFit all the way!"

Bobbi Jo G., Nurse

"This place is life changing.  The atmosphere is like no other.  They make you want to work harder and go farther.  EVERYONE is so friendly and a little crazy...which is such a bonus.  I will not stop on this journey because THEY (Norm, Michelle and Callie) and all the others won’t let you.  PRICELESS and humbling."

Betsy M., Teacher

"Love this place!  My husband and I started with the 6-week challenge, and then continued.  We dropped our gym membership that we weren’t using anyways.  We love going here.  Michele and Norm are always helpful and encouraging, but also the other people that work out there are also so friendly and positive as well.  Building connections and working towards a common goal is what brings us together!"

Peter M., Camp Director

"Really like everything about this place.  Staff is friendly, knowledgeable and pushes you without making you feel weak.  I highly recommend this to anyone wanting to change their lifestyle."

Michael C., Loan Officer

"Visited Florida for a month and dropped-in often.  NTN took me in... great box... WODs are extremely challenging... if looking for a great box, go visit this one for sure."

Siddharth S., Cellular Store Manager

"I love Not the Norm Crossfit!!  I found this place in April 2017 and started on May 1, 2017.  It’s been nothing short of an extraordinary experience because this is the first time in my life I haven’t quit a gym!!  It’s now been five months and I’m going strong and my sister who joined a month later and she is going even stronger!!  The environment is very friendly and enjoyable for a gym.  Kudos to Michelle and Norm for creating a great atmosphere while working us with crazy wods.  Also they are excellent fitness coaches, they guide and educate me on the daily!  I feel at home here and really enjoy working out with my fellow crossfitters!!!  Lost 18 lbs so far, 22 more to go!"

Rebecca D., Beauty and Skin Care Representative

"I started with this gym four years ago this January 2017.  Wow, time flies!  I can’t even explain how impacting this gym and these people have been in all areas of my life.  They have become a part of my family.  We truly care about motivating each other to see out each other’s goals and accomplishments.  The word "CrossFit" can be intimidating to some but the thing I love most about this gym and the trainers is that you come where you are currently (any shape, size, age etc.) and allow Norm and Michelle to make a program to get you where you want to be.  We have everyone from people wanting to build muscle, loose weight, some that have workout consistently and others that are brand new to fitness and a healthy lifestyle.  We have couples, families, competition Athletes, kids and even some amazing regulars in the 55+ (such as my mom).  If you’re looking for a new challenge or just an amazing atmosphere to be in while getting or staying healthy...come give it a try.  If you see me say hi!!!"

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